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Terms and Conditions

Explore our Updated Terms and Conditions for so that you can take the benefits of our portal without any interruptions. We have created a few terms and conditions to get used to our portal and users must follow our terms to use our portal with full control.


The students have to register for the portal if he or she wants to ask any question or want to answer any question at the portal. The registration field is activated to prevent the spammer to prevent from asking or answering any question at our portal. The registration to our portal is free.


It is the responsibility of the user to ask any question after searching the said question at our portal to prevent duplication of the same question. The users are not permissible to ask the same question again and again.


The users are free to answer any question that is posted on Ask IGNOUHelp if you are 100% sure about your answer. The users are not allowed to post any wrong or incorrect answers for any of the questions.

Rights of Users

The users have the right to change their profile or to delete their profile from Ask IGNOUHelp portal. The user can also make their profile as a private profile which hides the personal information to stopping from exposure to other users.

Our Rights

If any users are found to violate any of the above rules are liable for banned of account on immediate effect and we are holding the right to ban an account without any prior notification to the particular user.


Since we are using registration and login section at our portal so you’re your login information will be saved in your computer as a little file called Cookie file so that you don’t need to enter the same details again while filling the comment form or question form at our portal. Users will be asked to save their username and password to their browser so the said information will be saved only after the users agree to save their login credentials otherwise it will get deleted and the user has to fill the same details again.

Change of Terms

We are trying our best to make our terms as simple as possible to provide a great user experience to our users and users will be informed if we update our terms and conditions in the future.


If you have any questions or queries regarding our terms and conditions then feel free to contact us.