Will I get a promotion in MPS 2nd year if I re-registered for February 2021 examination?

  • I am enrolled in the MPS course in June 2020, and I registered for EXAMINATION IN JUNE 2020, and re registered on 29 December 2020, as IGNOU extended date till 31 December 2020.
  • But now I will not be able to give exam in Feb 2021, so I want to take benefit of the promotion policy, will I get benefit if I will not appear in exam even I have received control no. And admit card also.
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Mamta 3 years 2020-12-29T15:41:27+05:30 2 Answers 19 views New 0

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    The promotion is valid only for MPS 1st year students who enrolled in July 2019 session. It is not for 2nd-year students.

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