Why Should I Choose IGNOU for BCA?


Let me know the reasons that why do i choose IGNOU for my BCA program as a distance learning course?

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    The syllabus is up to the mark compared to any reputed B.E degree and I’d prefer doing a BCA from a central university like IGNOU while residing in my own city than doing B.E from a far flung private engineering college in a tier-3 town while living in a hostel. The STEM syllabus of IGNOU is formulated by subject matter experts from IIT-Delhi, which puts it a notch higher than other local universities.
    I was able to utilize the time saved due to the distance mode of education to learn additional programming courses from Coursera and EdX and my skillset at present is more refined that what it would have been had I been pursuing a regular engineering degree or a regular BCA degree.
    It also opens up the possibility of pursuing an integrated MCA course adding to one’s qualifications. Integrated MCA from IGNOU is a far superior qualification to carry on one’s resume than BE + MBA from unknown private universities. Students who wish to study STEM but could not secure admission in a good engineering college can also opt for IGNOU’s MCA degree instead of settling for a B.Sc from a local college. 
    Those who want to go for technical grade government jobs can use the MCA degree as a pre-qualifier for PSU jobs which have B.E/MCA as an eligibility criteria, while at the same time using the 5 years to prepare for the exam. Use the opportunity wisely depending on whether you want to go for a private job or government job. If you intend to apply for an MS in a foreign university, then IGNOU degrees are recognized abroad as well.
    In short : A distance degree from a good central university is a better investment than a regular degree from a generic local university.

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