Why I cannot login to the admission/registration details portal after getting registered for July 2020 session on 2nd August 2020?


Good Evening. I have one query. I have enrolled in a BA(HONS) psychology programme at Kolkata Regional Centre in July 2020 session on 2nd August 2020. I have also got my enrollment number and ID card. But when I am trying to login to the Know Your Admission/Registration Details with the same enrollment No., Programme and Date of Birth, Unfortunately, It won’t let me login and showing that the enrollment no. and programme not found. It is shown in the Fresh Admission Portal that my Admission is confirmed without any discrepancy but I cannot login there. Please Kindly share how can this problem be solved?

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jahnabidas 3 years 2020-08-04T05:22:37+05:30 1 Answer 254 views New 0

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  1. *It takes more time due to lock down

    Even i am facing similar problem

    Be patient



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