Why I am not able to apply for a new bachelor course after the cancelation of the previous application?


I have canceled my application and want to apply for a new programme. I didn’t receive a refund and I am not able to apply for a new bachelor course from my portal. What to do now? The July 2020 admission process will be over by this month

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    You can apply for a new program only after the cancellation of your previous application. I mean if you already applied for cancellation of your admission through the online admission portal then you have to wait for the confirmation of your cancellation request and then after the process of refund will get started and you will be able to apply for your interested program in IGNOU.

    You are advised to keep check your profile at IGNOU online admission portal for the status of your previous application.

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      My admission’s cancellation request was approved on July 7. Till now, I haven’t received any refund nor could I apply for new course. I have tried to contact them, but there was no response. I could not visit the regional centre at trivandrum due to the lockdown issued in the city by the government.

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