When to write IGNOU BCOM A&F Exam for July 19 batch?


Good morning sir,

I have joined for BCOM(A&F) in July-2019  which is a single step with 6 exams.

I have applied for exams in June 2020 which they have extended to September 2020 as per notification on 22-07-2020

I have a small doubt whether I have to appear in September or Dec?

Can I appear in September 2020?
Can I postpone to dec-2020?
if yes;
whether assignment submitted for June exam will be ok or I have to write assignment again for dec-2020

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Chsiva7799 3 years 2020-07-31T05:07:11+05:30 1 Answer 209 views New 0

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    There is no need to confuse because the university has already released the clarification regarding it. If you had submitted your assignments then you don’t need to do it again and you have to appear in December 2020, not September 2020. Only final year or semester candidates can appear in September 2020.

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