When I go over to the Assignments page, I find CBCS BA – Old and CBCS BA and BSCANH – New. I’m new to IGNOU and my course is BAEGH (July 2020 session). Can someone explain to me the difference between this “Old” and “New”?

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Bruhduh 3 years 2021-03-11T12:12:12+05:30 0 Answers 181 views New 0

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    Do not get confused over Old and New. Both have the same assignments. The new section was created to simplified the BAG assignments with honours subjects. You may find your subject either from New or Old and submit it to IGNOU before the due date.

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      Thank you, that pretty much cleared the confusion. On a side note, does every subject in my course has to have an assignment to do? Like I can’t find BEVAE – 181 in either of the pages (old and new). And when I do find it, it’s in Hindi or outdated (like valid till 30th June 2020). Please help me out again

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