What to do if RC change is under process and you have to submit your assignment?


Hey there, I am Roshni Pathak pursuing my MCOM degree from IGNOU….I requested to change my sc and rc on 1 feb through mail but it is not changed yet…I also request online but got no response. I have to submit my assignment only by 15 March. It is showing under process from 1 month… plz do it as soon as possible. I don’t know where to submit my assignment. If not changed till 15th march how am I going to submit my assignment? Plz suggest to me what to do in that situation??

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Roshni Pathak 3 years 2021-03-11T12:09:21+05:30 0 Answers 24 views New 0

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    We recommending you to wait for sometime to reflect the change on the IGNOU portal. Meantime, you can connect with your new regional centre regarding the update of the changes you requested.

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