Should IGNOU Conduct TEE June 2020 or Not?

28.57%Yes ( 8 voters )
71.43%No ( 20 voters )
Based On 28 Votes

Recently, We have started a poll to get feedback from IGNOU students that the university should conduct the Term End Exam June 2020 or postponed. Candidates can send their feedback by taking a part in our poll to check how many students want to appear in the exam and how many are not favor into appearing in the exam.

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    The status of lockdown is enforced in varying degrees in different states. Here in Mumbai, railways and metros are still shut down and private vehicles are not allowed to travel beyond 2km radius of the home. Any form of regular offline examination will need to take into account the travel arrangements the students have to make for themselves to reach their exam centers.
    Postponing an exam is not ideal because it creates a scheduling problem for other obligations like appearing for government job exams, getting degree on time for seeking employment, or applying for post graduation in other universities. So it is preferable if exams are conducted via online mode, in time, and not postponed beyond 1 month. 
    IGNOU can possibly convert the question paper into a multiple-choice-questions type online paper so that it can be conducted online. This has the benefit of consistency of experience for everyone, and the benefit of scale. Since MCQs have a preset solution set, the time which was ordinarily spent in checking the papers earlier will be saved. Everyone can get their result generated almost instantly and we can start studying for the next semester.   
    Project demonstration and VIVA for BCSP64 can be taken via video conferencing and screen sharing, via Zoom app. This will ensure quick grading of projects while keeping in mind social distancing norms.

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