Payment info is not reflecting in IGNOU Admission portal


Its been over a week after I completed my online form and payment for the PGDAST July 2020 course. I got the control number and had sent a mail to csrc mail id with payment proof. Still no reply from anyone or the status change in the profile or the admission confirmation. Please help me as the admission last date is 31st July. I don’t want to lose my money as well as my admission.

Waiting for the response

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prachigawai 3 years 2020-07-14T11:08:56+05:30 1 Answer 248 views New 0

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    If you already paid your admission fees through online mode and got the control number as well then you don’t need to worry about your admission. The last date is not related to you because you already paid the admission fees and you can wait for the response from CSRC for your admission status if you already mailed them your query.

    You can also mail at and keep in cc and disclose all your queries with an attachment of payment details so that your issue solved before the closing of the admission session.

    You can mail frequently within 3-4 days if no response comes from there.

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