It is a request to make the possibility of making online correction of name and address in IGNOU


I have to make a correction in my name and address as our college refuses to do so. In our first year, we fill the form and submit it to our college. They have mentioned our regional center IGNOU MAIDAN GARHI. They are saying you have to go there only. As in this current situation and due to a shortage of time as I am in 3rd year right now. Sir, please do something like if we can give our online application for correction. It will be so helpful for everybody. Kindly look into this matter.

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Aruna Irani 3 years 2020-09-18T11:34:12+05:30 2 Answers 166 views New 0

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  1. You should connect with your regional centre through email and confirm with them about the online correction of name and address through email. You may need to submit valid documents through email to make corrections if your RC has a facility to make changes through online mode.

  2. Yes, the IGNOU BSHF-101 examination will be conducted as an MCQ type questions and the duration will be of 2 hours.

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