Is January 2021 admission form (whose last date is 28th Feb, 2021) is for MBA OPENMAT 2021 also?


Is January 2021 admission form for MBA OPENMAT 2021 also?

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    No. It is not for the MBA program. You have to wait for the official announcement from IGNOU regarding Openmat entrance application for session January 2021.

    • Are you sure, because few minutes before only I had a talk with an IGNOU staff and they had said that OPENMAT 2021 forms have come. Can you please confirm and reply because if this is the form then its last date to apply is 28th Feb, 2021 and I’ll not be able to fill the form. Also the common prospectus attached with the “Link for Distance Programme Admission for January 2021 session” does not include MBA Programme.

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