I would like to take admission in MSCMACS through IGNOU. How many practicals session do I need to attend?


Good morning, I have completed my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Calicut University in 2011 and completed my Bed in 2013 from Bangalore University. I’m staying in BANGALORE and the regional centre for maths is only at Cochin, Kerala. Is there is an option for an online course or do I need to visit the regional centre for submitting assignments or attending practical sessions? Can you guide me?

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GeethuVyas 3 years 2020-07-31T11:11:36+05:30 1 Answer 219 views New 0

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    We can not say about the exact number of practicals you need to attend for MACS. The details can be given by the program coordinator only. However, you can submit your assignments online if IGNOU continues to accept the assignments through email. But yes, if the situations get ease in the country then you have to visit your study centre to submit your assignment personally. The practical classes must be attended at your study centre so there is no online option available right now for the same.

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