I have not received the Grade Card & Provisional Certificate yet


My Registration No is 150767813, I have completed my Masters in December 2019. I need the provisional certificate for employment purposes.

I have lodged grievance vide token no 1562018315597, 1562018300862,  1552018294501, and 1552018281410.

In reply to my grievance No 1562018300862, IGNOU has informed that my Grade Card / Provisional certificate has already been dispatched

As on date, I have not received the Grade Card & Provisional Certificate, can you please forward the scan copy of the documents in my email address.

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shreemanghosh 3 years 2020-07-09T06:15:51+05:30 5 Answers 379 views New 0

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    The delivery of physical documents may be delayed because of current situations and we can only say to wait for the delivery of your documents. The documents are directly dispatched from the head office so we can’t say the exact date or time for delivery of documents. Hope you understand.

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