I have completed PGDRD in June 2020 session and got admission in MARD in July 2020. I want to use the credit transfer scheme for PGDRD to MARD. What is the process for it?


Please help me . The study centre is not helping me they said total process is online you will do yourself. Please help if any one know about this. Thank you.

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jrsahu67 3 years 2020-10-19T11:05:43+05:30 1 Answer 231 views New 0

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    The credit transfer for your requested MARD course can be done through offline mode only. It can not be possible through your regional centre. You have to download the application form for it, fill it and send it to IGNOU Maidan garhi with requisite fees.

    Download Form: https://ask.ignouhelp.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/IGNOU-PGDRD-to-MARD-Credit-Transfer-Form.pdf

    Read all instructions carefully before filling the application and write all details without any mistakes.

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