I enrolled myself in B.Com AF in Jan 2017 Session. Which Assignment Paper should I write and submit?


Hello Friends I have enrolled myself in B.Com AF in January 2017 Session but due to some reasons, I could not write and submit my Assignment papers. Now which Assignment Question Papers should I write and submit. I would like to write the Exam in December 2020. Pls, throw some light on this.



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S Priyamvatha 3 years 2020-07-17T05:18:57+05:30 1 Answer 247 views New 1

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    You must write the January or July 2020 session assignments of BCom A&F and submit it in the month of September 2020 to appear in December 2020 TEE. You can also check the validity of the Bcom assignments after downloading the same from IGNOUHelp.

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