I enrolled in Jan 2020 in PGDWGS and have been seeking clarification on my Regional Centre and Study Centre


Hello! I enrolled in Jan.2020 in the PGDWGS course and have been seeking clarification on my Regional Centre and Study Centre. Have even tried the Grievance Cell multiple times but received no assistance.

Could anyone guide me on whom to reach out to settle this?

Or, tell me which RC does SOGDS come under? Delhi-1/2/3?

Thank you!

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Kriti Agarwal 3 years 2020-07-21T05:22:31+05:30 2 Answers 273 views New 0

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    If your admission for the PGDWGS program is approved then you can simply check your admission status page to know more about your regional as well as a study centre. There, you will find the centre code as well as address for the same.

    • Thank you for reverting. So the admission status page only specifies Regional Centre as IG. Now, for the assignment submission the RC specified for Delhi are Delhi-1/2/3. My query is under which Delhi-1/2/3 does IG come under?

      Also, my STudy Centre is specified as SOGDS and no numerical code is specified. Now when you submit the assignment through the google drive link, they ask you for a numerical code for the study centre. This is where the confusion comes in.

      What is my RC Code as per their definition i.e. Delhi-1, Delhi-2 or Delhi-3?

      and WHat is my Study Centre code? Numerical code.

      Please guide.

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