I did not appear in first and second year exams and practicals, this is my third and final year, what can I do now?


I joined for BSC in 2017 but was not available during my first and second year, this is my third year but at once you can only take 16 exams and the practicals are still not done. I have heard you have 6 years to finish BSC. I would like to know how the 6 year period works will I have to do anything, like re-registration or will I just have to wait for the next session to appear in practicals and exams. I have already submitted fees for all 3 years

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  1. It seems that your registration is still valid so you just need to submit your first year assignments and exam form by 31st October 2020 to appear in Dec 2020 TEE for BSc 1st year examination. You have to register for 2nd year in the July 2020 session which is already running and has the last date of 30th September 2020. If you register for 2nd year now then your examination expected to held in June 2021 and you have to register for 3rd year in July 2021 session and the examination for 3rd year will be held in June 2022.

    Note – If you already registered for 2nd year and 3rd year then you can appear for 2nd year in June 2021 & 3rd year in Dec 2021.

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