I can not find BPAC-103 & BPAC-104 study material


BPAC-103 & BPAC-104. I cannot find any study materials or assignments on these subjects, but these are in my course. Can anybody help plz ??

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Subhasish Padhy 3 years 2020-07-12T11:02:03+05:30 2 Answers 427 views New 0

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    We have confirmed your requested subjects from IGNOUHelp as well the official website of IGNOU regarding study materials and assignments and come to know that it is yet to released or uploaded by the headquarters. The available subject codes are 101 & 102 only but the codes 103, 104 is not yet uploaded by IGNOU.

    We hope that your requested materials will get uploaded soon by the university so keep check IGNOUHelp for updates of it.

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      Thank you 😊. But, if in case these are unavailable till my exam day comes, what should I do !! ( Exams related to these subject codes will not happen ? )

      And also Dec-2019 exam question papers are not uploaded in IGNOU website yet. Plz help.

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