I applied for June 2020 exam it was postponed to September 2020 & a few exams to December 2020 As I was registered under BCOMAF. Whether I have to appear in this September or Dec 2020?


Hi sir/madam,

I applied for June 20 exam it was postponed to September 20 & few exams to December 20 As I was registered under BCOMAF *

Whether I have to appear in this September or dec20?

**The date sheet released by IGNOU is showing BCOMAF as well!

Pls convey your reply as it is valuable to us

Thanks in advance.


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    As per the guidelines released by IGNOU, Only final year candidates have to appear in June 2020 examination which was scheduled to held in September 2020. So if you are final year students then you can appear in June 2020 session examination if you have already submitted the examination form for it.

    If you are not a final year student then you can appear in December 2020 session examination and there is no need to submit the exam form again for said subjects because your fees will be adjusted.


    Hi Sir/Madam,

    BCOMAF is a 1 year Course of Ignou which is Valid for 5 years(For applying for Exam if unable to apply or Failed, as per my knowledge)

    I have Applied for this program on July 2019 cycle , Submitted applicable Assignments on Mar 2020 , Paid Hall ticket Fee in May 2020 for Exam.

    IF july 2020 (postponed) exams were done & Qualified then Certificate will be issued <—- this was the Track of Journey with IGNOU ( for clarity , which was mentioned to me while Applying.)

    Exam for BCOMAF should be treated as Exam for Final Year as it is only 1 year ?

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