I am an Indian citizen, currently in the last year of my masters in Norway. Am I eligible to apply for MAWGS?


I am an Indian passport holder and would like to apply for a Master of Arts in women’s & gender studies through distance learning. Am I eligible to apply for this? If not, is there an online version of the same I could be eligible for?

If the teaching will be predominantly digital given the recent circumstances due to COVID 19, is it possible to apply for distance learning while I am abroad?

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samrridhik 3 years 2020-07-13T04:58:33+05:30 1 Answer 245 views New 0

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    The candidate must reside in India if they want to take admission in any of the academic programs of IGNOU University. You can not apply from Norway as there is no IGNOU centre is available there. The second reason is that the examination is conducted through offline mode and the submission of the assignment is also carried out through offline mode so it is not possible for you to accomplish this process from Norway through online mode.

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