How to take the re-admission for MAEDU and what is the re-admission fee?


I am a student of MA(Education) of July 2015 session. My admission validity was till July 2020 but my dissertation is still not completed. So I want to know how I have to take the readmission for this course and please let me know in detail about the re admission fee. I have already checked the pro-rata fees structure it shows the amount is 2400 but in the form, they are also asking about the reregistration fees. I am really very confused and tensed. Please kindly help me.

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MOUMITA87 3 years 2020-07-16T09:53:29+05:30 1 Answer 224 views New 0

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    You just need to pay the re-admission fees for your dissertation only. The re-registration fees will be applicable for those candidates who missed registering for any particular year or semester. It seems that you already registered for all years so you don’t need to pay any re-registration fees.

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