How much time it will take for the admission confirmation and Enrollment No. after payment?


I had registered myself in IGNOU for the course of MSWC. The details are as below.

Application Summary

Control Number:2110034300S

Course Applied In MSWC: Master of Social Work( Counselling)

Regional Center: DELHI 2 (RAJGHAT)

Programme Study Center: TELE LEARNING CENTRE (2900)

On 19th Feb 2021, the payment has been done but till now the enrollment number is not issued. Kindly let me know how many more days it will take for issuing of the enrollment number.

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    The verification of documents may take up to 30 working days and the time of verification is varying in every candidate that strictly depends on the documents uploaded by the candidates.

    If all documents are uploaded correctly and visible properly then the confirmation will be received shortly after submission of the online application. If there is any mistake while uploading the documents then there is a possibility of a delay in the approval of admission and sometimes students will receive the notification from IGNOU regarding discrepancy found in the application.

    In the case of discrepancy, the student needs to upload the said document again which may take additional days to verify the same documents again.

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