Difference between IGNOU fresh admission and re-registration for old dropped out students


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I took admission in BCA (ignou) in 2013. Somehow i cleared two semesters but then i have faced some financial issue. So during the time, I didn’t give any exam but I have submitted my assignments. In the year 2019 I dropped my BCA. So i want to do the same course in ignou. For that, I have to take fresh admission or re-registration?

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    It seems that the validity of your BCA Admission is expired. If it is so then you have to take a fresh admission in IGNOU BCA and get a benefit of credit transfer so that you don’t need to appear in the same subjects again.

    After taking admission in BCA, you have to follow the same processes again like re-registration for all semesters but you have to appear for the pending subjects only.

    Note – IGNOU re-admission is now withdrawn so you can not take re-admission to appear for the pending subjects to complete your degree.

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