Can I cancel my admission and take admission again for the same course?


My Name is Pooja Walwe. I Recently Took Admission At Ignou Pune (Ignou Study Centre 16137)For Ma in Political Science. My Application Status Of Control Number Is 202020187526s. My Transaction Id is 10791776537. I Still Have Not Received My Enrollment Number. I think I made some mistake in filling my admission form. Can I cancel my Admission and take admission again for the same course?

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POOJA WALWE 3 years 2020-08-12T05:24:57+05:30 1 Answer 238 views New 0

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    You can not edit or cancel your application to correct the information written on the application form. If IGNOU found any errors in the form then they will communicate with you via email for remove the discrepancy. You can mail at to confirm that whether you will receive any refund after the cancelation of the application, you submitted.

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