BCSP-064 Project report possibly not correctly uploaded to the IGNOU portal. Shall I reupload?


I recently uploaded my BCA 6th SEM project final report PDF to the IGNOU project upload portal: https://projectupload.ignou.ac.in

Halfway through the upload process, IGNOU’s website crashed and remained crashed for 10 hours (this was on 30 June 2020). On the next day when the website was restarted, I attempted to reupload my project but now it says that “..you have already uploaded your project on 30 June, your control number is XXX” and does not allow me to re-upload.

I wrote about the issue to my RC 49 (Mumbai) and was given the contact of projects@ignou.ac.in. I emailed them my problem along with an attachment of my project report PDF and received no response.

How do I make sure that my project report PDF has reached IGNOU correctly?

Control number of project submission: 200634602

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    You are requested to wait for the confirmation from projects@ignou.ac.in because it is the only support available for any queries related to project submission and status.

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