A single paper in the MCA program has completed neither in 6 years nor even in the extended 2 Years. What would be the procedures to complete the paper?


Hello Sir/Madam,

I was an MCA Student of IGNOU.
details are given:
Admission Year Jan-2010
Admission valid up to Dec-2015
Re-Admission valid up to Dec-2017
Regional Center Kolkata [28]
Program Code MCA

I took the Re-Admission to extend the maximum course duration from Dec-2015 till Dec-2017, due to the Incompleteness of a single paper MCS043.

But neither in 6 Years (Jan-2010 – Dec-2015), nor even in the extended 2 Years (Jan-2016 – Dec-2017) the said single Course (i.e., MCS043) has Not been Completed by me.

I’m still trying to complete the course.

Could you please, demonstrate to me very elaborately, what would be the procedures to do so and how to do those all. What would be the Payment Structure to be paid for?

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    As we can see that you already completed the maximum duration for MCA including re admission duration as well. Now, you have only one way to get your degree certificate in which you have to take a fresh admission in MCA and get a benefit of internal credit transfer and complete a remaining subject by submitting an assignment and exam form for it to appear in the examination.

    It is noted that the IGNOU re-admission facility is available at once only so you can’t take it again.

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